7. 1518 North Capitol St, NW (Lot) • ends @ 12am
From an interactive mixed media project by the Foam

1. The Pub & The People
1644 North Capitol St, NW
• ends @ 2am
Live installation by artist and licensed architect, Ira Tattleman.

2. Little Wild Things
1644 North Capitol St, NW (basement)
• ends @ 9pm
7-9p        Tours and demos of this urban indoor farm that sources most of the greens and herbs to our community businesses.

Collective to great work by multiple mixed media artists, this outdoor venue is not to be missed.
Art on Display
Reginald Blaise, Nena Depaz, Kris Diggs, Margaret Jacobson, Sank Shuned. Mixed Media project by The Foam Collective

8. Fresh Cut Barber Shop
1518 North Capitol St, NW
• ends @ 11pm
Artistic cuts and designs and everything from the traditional cut and straight razor shaves to modern styles such as fades, mohawks and line-ups. Come with a design or have them create one for you. 

9. Uncle Chips  • 1514 North Capitol St, NW • ends @ 2am
Natasha Jane: Scat Art collection, mixed media works.

10. 7DL Studios • 1506 North Capitol St, NW • ends @ 1am
7DL Studios’ new space for drum lessons and rehearsals is still under construction, but stop by for artwork from multiple mixed media artists, plus live percussion performances by 7DL artists.
Art on Display
Ilana Alazzeh, Alexis Cohen, Eden Gali, Jonathan Harkey, Annabel Hertz, Rachel Lincoln, Jerard Mason, Deborah Saks, Heather Schmaedeke, Nicole Schroeder Vanessa Smith, Saida Zardi.

Guide & Schedule

3. The Old Engine 12 Restaurant
1626 North Capitol St, NW
• ends @ 2am
7 - 12a  Live painting by Christian Hofer on the patio

4. 25 Florida Ave, NW
• ends @ 1am
Live music – everything from folk, jazz and country to rock, electronica and dance music – and live art.
TBA      Elena & Los Fulanos, Leftist, Radar, Thursday People, & more

Art on Display
Akilas, Chris Bohner, Miles Burrell, Cody Canty, Jen Dargan, Lorena Etchebarne, Bradley Gay, Carl Hall, Koko aka Alona Elkayam, Kamila Kokoszynska, Arielle Krasner, Meringue Lie, Ryan Martinez, Mike McSorley  Zsudayka Nzinga, Sardar, MG Stout, Zulusoul

5. Wicked Bloom Social Club

1540 North Capitol St, NW
• ends @ 2am
10 - 2a   DJ Oso Fresh
Art on Display: “The Twisted Rose” mural by Mensa Kondo, a graduate of Duke Ellington School of the Arts.

6. City Gear
1538 North Capitol St, NW
• ends @ 12am
Art meets fashion at this streetwear store, as plain hats and t-shirts are turned into works of art by Katya Krupko’s skillful hands. Watch custom clothes made and decoraed, and purchase these unique pieces.
TBA       7DL artists