Artist Spotlight Medhane Teclay

The Art All Night festival is an all-night festival that takes places within the main streets of Washington D.C. and goes on all night showcasing some of the local talents from small businesses to artists of all kinds. With this being the fourth annual Art All Night festival, there is a lot of buzz around this event and it’s expected to bring thousands of people from all over the area together!

This event is free with a RSVP.  Check out the artist and business spotlight below to learn more information about the local artists and businesses participating this year.  


Artist Spotlight: Medhane Teclay! 

Being able to help students navigate their way through their education while figuring out their niche in life is one of the most rewarding feelings I’ve experienced. I’m an artist/educator who’s preferred medium is oil painting. I’ve spent most of my years as an artist practicing realistic work, but recently I’ve enjoyed dabbling in surrealism as well as paintings with multiple compositions. As I work toward mastering my craft, I intend to include more original compositions of my own to further my growth as an artist.

Check out Medhane and other artists at Art All Night this Saturday in the North Capitol neighborhoods in the Douglas lot!





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