#Chocolate City Check-in No. 1

Make either Check-In your first pit stop on your way to a fun filled evening. Here you will receive a special glow-in-the-dark wrist band signaling that you have checked-in at the festival.  You will also receive a map of the corridor and a brochure/Tri-fold with much more details about each venue.

Public Notice:
For all our patrons, staff, dedicated community volunteers and sponsors; Destination Congress Heights would like to say thank you as we anticipate this spectacular event.
For Our Patrons please pay special attention to this event guide which will maximize your fun and safety:
1.        All participating Art All Night venues will be highlighted by colorful up-lights at the main entrances.
2.        There are two Information booths/ Check-in locations for this event. Click thumbnail below for more information on our check-in locations.
3.        On-Street parking will be available; however, pay close attention to parking signs.
4.        Do not drink and drive – Drive carefully and look out for pedestrians- young, old, big and small.
5.        Utilize public transportation – Nearest metro stop is the Congress Heights Metro. DCH will provide Shuttle bus services to and from the main check-in location at 15 – 20min intervals.
6.        Bring your most positive vybz.

Destination Congress Heights is a community where people live, work, worship, shop, and play. On this eventful day we will be promoting safe and organized entertainment.

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