Congress Heights

Art All Night: The Art of Chocolate City

Congress Heights is where Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. Avenues meet and is the heart of DC’s city soul. It is vibrant, full of character and full of plentiful life.

Founded in 1890, community roots run deep here. The South East neighborhood nurtures and celebrates its vibrant African American heritage and culture with pride. Home to many locally grown artist, Congress Heights is rapidly gaining recognition as the center for African American art culture and entrepreneurship in DC.

Described as “big-hearted,” the hometown energy that makes this locale so distinct is built on its support for local arts and entrepreneurs; focus on empowering youth; and honoring the elders of the community.

Welcoming visitors and new neighbors, Congress Heights is committed to the kind of growth that strengthens community connections and fuels opportunities for all residents.

Welcome to the Soul of the City – Congress Heights.


Art All Night: The Art of Chocolate City

Saturday, September 29, 2018 starting at 7:00 PM and running until 3:00 AM the following morning, Congress Heights’ presents Art All Night: The Art of Chocolate City, a free arts festival curated by Destination Congress Heights. The festival celebrates the artistic richness that has emerged from this neighborhood that is vibrant, lively and full of character. It is an unprecedented gathering of Chocolate City artists who represent some of DC’s greatest artists and the festival highlights the profound artistic breadth and cultural influences of Chocolate City artists.


With more than 25 events, demonstrations, and installations – all free – the scope and vibrancy of the Congress Heights’ culture comes alive through music, dance, film, fashion, and design.

So drive, walk, ride, hop or skip to the Congress Heights neighborhood which is east of the Anacostia River to experience all forms of visual and performing arts; aiming to take you on a journey through Sound, Movement, Magic, Brilliance, Taste and Calor.


From traditional to contemporary and from gospel to Hip Hop, All Night – the Chocolate City Edition is bound to dazzle and delight with the vividness of its artists’ imaginations. Indulge yourself in its abundant pleasures – you will be inspired!


The term Chocolate City has historical significance in Washington, DC. Coined in the 1970’s by local radio personalities and made popular by the funk band Parliament, the term did not solely indicate the color of the population but also the vibrant communities and cultural pride among its residents. For Deejay Bobby “The Mighty Burner” Bennett, Chocolate City “was the expression of DC’s classy funk and confident Blackness;” it was about being Black, proud, and in power.  Not only were Black people the majority, but they also had strength within the city through politics, business ownership, music, and culture. Now, during a time of dramatic demographic and cultural shifts, Congress Heights’ Chocolate City Edition of Art All Night will explore the legacy of and continual contributions to the nation’s capital.


On September 29th 2018 the Congress Heights neighborhood will come alive, so you better be here.

#Chocolate City Check-in

Make either Check-In your first pit stop on your way to a fun filled evening. Here you will receive a special gift and glow-in-the-dark wrist band signaling that you have checked-in at the festival.  You will also receive a map of the corridor and a brochure/Tri-fold with much more details about each venue.


Public Notice:
For all our patrons, staff, dedicated community volunteers and sponsors; Destination Congress Heights would like to say thank you as we anticipate this spectacular event.
For Our Patrons please pay special attention to this event guide which will maximize your fun and safety:
1.        All participating Art All Night venues will be highlighted by colorful up-lights at the main entrances.
2.        There is an Information booth/ Check-in location for this event. Click thumbnail below for more information on our check-in location.
3.        On-Street parking will be available; however, pay close attention to parking signs.
4.        Do not drink and drive – Drive carefully and look out for pedestrians- young, old, big and small.
5.        Utilize public transportation – Nearest metro stop is the Congress Heights Metro. DCH will provide Shuttle bus services to and from the main check-in location at 15 – 20min intervals.
6.        Bring your most positive vibe.


Destination Congress Heights is a community where people live, work, worship, shop, and play. On this eventful day we will be promoting safe and organized entertainment.


FAMILY FUN: River Tribe -Kids Zone

River Tribe -Kids Zone


  • Old Congress Height School
  • 3100 Martin Luther King Jr Ave SE

Washington, DC 20032

  • 4pm to 8pm

The Kids Art Zone is open to the public for young people and their important adults to spend quality time together where all kids have free time to explore their interests in the arts. Culinary Food Is Art, paint, finger paint, drawing materials and an exciting variety of collage and assemblage materials are available to explore. Professional Artist provides support and presents several project choices and a variety of methods and materials. Stimulate creative imagination creating face paint designs, creating murals, playing sous chef, creating art with food, painting clothing, dance, signing and making music. Wear your painting clothes and be prepared for an especially fun time. FREE!


Feature Artist include:




Horsepower Art Custom Truck Car & Bike Art

Horsepower Art

Custom Truck Car & Bike Art

Old Congress Height School

  • 3100 Martin Luther King Jr Ave SE
  • Washington, DC 20032
  • 4pm to 7pm

Indulge in custom trucks cars and motorcycles that are an aesthetic cultural Chocolate City expression of ideas and emotions, with a language of shapes, lines, colors, tones, and textures that speaks volumes. FREE!

  • Sound Show
  • Prizes: Best In Show Truck Car & Best In Show Bike
  • Featured Designers: Bagger Boyz and Street Game Performance & Customs


Feature Designers include: Bagger Boyz & Street Game Performance & Customs

Zulu Tribe Mixing Pot Visual and Performing Arts Experience

Zulu Tribe Mixing Pot

Visual and Performing Arts Experience

  • Congress Heights Arts & Culture Center
  • 3200 Martin Luther King Jr Ave SE

Washington, DC 20032


7pm – 3am




The Mixing Pot venue is hosted by the Congress Heights Arts & Culture Center. Leave all your expectations at home and come be amazed by the work of artists; while enjoying a mixture of musical genres. There will be a myriad of art work on display, with some on sale.


The venue will also host young entrepreneurs who wish to showcase their art, and help them to share their talents to with D.C. art lovers.


Main Activities and Performers:


  • Family-Friendly Silent Disco session
  • Mature-Friendly Silent Disco session
  • Live Artist “Callaloo”
  • Henna Artist drawing
  • Face Painting
  • Live Painting
  • Live Music Pinky KillaCorn, Hip-Hop artist, rapper, song writer, and entertainer

MUSIC Border Tribe Stage Hip-Hop Day Party


Border Tribe Stage

Hip-Hop Day Party

UPO Petey Greene Community Center

2907 Martin Luther King Jr Ave. SE Washington, DC 20032


4pm to 7pm


Experience the Art of DC’s Hip-Hop cultural movement art form – the art, fashion and musical style incorporating rhythmic and/or rhyming speech that became movement and lasting and influential art form. Indulge in the complex hip-hop culture comprising of turn tabling, rapping, graffiti painting, and “B-boying,” which encompasses hip-hop dance, style, and attitude, along with virile body language and postural semantics. FREE!


Feature Artist include:


4:00 pm – DJ Jay Cee Da’Rippa

4:15 pm – Jae Alexander

4:30 pm – Janae Music

4:45 pm – DJ Domo

5:00 pm – Beau Young Prince

5:15 pm – DJ Domo

5:30 pm –  DB Bantino

6:00 pm – DJ Jay Cee Da’Rippa

6:10 pm – EddieTheArtist

6:35 pm – DJ Jay Cee Da’Rippa

6:45 pm – 7:15 pm – JusPaul

Mining Tribe Stage Art of Movement Silent Disco & Art of the Cigar

Mining Tribe Stage 

Art of Movement

Silent Disco & Art of the Cigar

Shepherd Park- on the corner MLK, Jr Ave & Malcolm X Ave, SEWashington, DC 20032



Indulge in the powerful artist impulse of dance and express yourself under the stars while tuning into multiple live music options at once … this disco lighted park atmosphere will instantly transform into a high energy musical performance rocking to the beat and sounds of 90’s R&B & HIP HOP, REGGAE, TODAYS HIP MUSIC… with exposure to the Art of the Cigar from RichKat Mobile Cigar Lounge …Turn up … Shhhhh…it’s LIT


Feature Artist include:


DJ Kisha

RichKat Mobile Cigars

Panther Stage Chocolate City Threauxdown & Midnight Brunch Live Mix Tape

Panther Stage

Chocolate City Threauxdown

& Midnight Brunch Live Mix Tape


Congress Heights Plaza

3109 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave SE & 5th Street SE


7pm to 3am 

The Congress Heights’ Chocolate City Art All Night Threauxdown will celebrate the rich cultural and musical traditions of DC. Come eat, drink, dance, and mingle with other Art All Night fans from across the DMV and enjoy a Live Art to Reggae to Funk to RNB to Go-Go to Hip-Hop Experience.


Feature Artist include:


DJs Bimshire and Maga

7:15 pm – Reggae All-Stars Ras Slick & the Dutty Bus Crew

8:30 – Mousey Thompson – The James Brown Experience

9:45 pm – Queens of Go Go – Bela Dona

11:00 pm Black Alley

Midnight – Midnight Brunch & The Live Mixtape – (Chocolate City Edition)

12:45 am – 3:00 am – DJ Maga – Afro Soca Love

Maasai Tribe Stage Street Artists Live Mix Tape

Maasai Tribe Stage

Street Artists Live Mix Tape


421 Alabama Ave SE


7pm – 11pm



In celebration of DC’s great Shirley Horn, Chuck Brown, Marvin Gaye and Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington Congress Heights (The Soul of the City) is bringing politically engaged music back to the mainstream with this stage – The Live Street Artist Mixtape [Chocolate City VIBRANIUM Edition], a groundbreaking Art All Night event that explores the relationship between arts and activism through the vibrant language of Jazz and Hip Hop featuring some of DC’s finest artist.


Visit some of Chocolate City’s talented street artists freestyle Djaying, dancing, rapping in a circle sharing knowledge and stories improvised in the moment. This is a place to speak one’s truth, to share stories and speak on life’s challenges in a positive, supportive artistic environment.


Feature Artist include:


DJ Prince

Seth Washington


Kb Michealz

Poet Cypher featuring: AziyrahThePoet; Poet Riel; Poet Antwan Brown & AQuest

Queen P

Jus Paul

GOSPEL FASHION & DANCE War Dogs Tribe Stage Gospel, Fashion & Dance



War Dogs Tribe Stage

Gospel, Fashion & Dance

The Infinity War on Fashion: When Fashion Danced

Corner of Ester Place and Martin Luther King Jr. Ave SE


7PM to Midnight



With a dynamic display of garments, dance, spirituals, and live watercolor sketches, the exhibition “The Infinity War on Fashion: When Fashion Danced”, lives up to its name and typifies a prime example of fashion, dance and gospel as performance art.


Experience the art of fashion and dance experience curated by Alexi Foo and Tyrell Garner – the powerful impulse and movement will be channeled by skillful designers and performers into something that becomes intensely expressive and that will delight spectators who will feel inspiration to dance themselves.


Feature Artist include:


Elmohn Platinum & Rush Dancers

Praise Dancer Kitiya Pendarvis


Community of Hope Praise Choir

Designer Ms. Paulette

Designer Denonte Hancock

Designer William Harris

Designer Jamal Harris

Designer Orlando Ortiz

Designer Latonya Doley

Designer Ebony Kirby

CUISINE Jabari Tribe Feast Art of Cuisine Experience



Jabari Tribe Feast

Art of Cuisine Experience

Democracy Prep Auditorium

  • 3100 Martin Luther King Jr Ave, SE Washington, DC 20032
  • 6pm-11pm


Healthy cuisine is Art. Experience a fusion of healthy African, Caribbean & Soul cuisine of the diaspora through live demonstrations, free samples and hands on opportunities to make your own artistic expression with food.  In this Soul of the City Pop-Up kitchen, you can experience combining your own vibrant plate, seeded in African, Caribbean and African American culture and cuisine ingredients, with modern flavors and textures, to create a healthy, memorable and smart dish. We will celebrate the rich cultural and cuisine traditions of DC. Come eat, drink, and mingle with other Art All Night fans from across the DMV and enjoy a hands on foodie Art Experience. Free Samples provided.


Feature Artist include:


District Chop Bar chefs Margaret Kamara and Solomon Oli Co-Owners

Open Arms Catering chef Michelle Branch

Julian Can Cook

Good Foods Market

Soilful Pippin Sauce

Plum Good chef Angela Chester-Johnson

Food for The Soul DC chef Jwanza Zulu

INSTALLATIONS Live Visual Artist Live Pieces To Masterpieces




Live Visual Artist

Live Pieces To Masterpieces


Various Locations Throughout

The Festival’s Venues



Perhaps the important emerging Chocolate City artist from DC and who work across media will be presence creating live pieces to masterpieces. Don’t miss a unique opportunity to watch young master artists exercise their creativity and painting skills on canvas and other objects, accompanied by musicians Beau Young Prince, DB Bantino, Jus Paul, Mousey Thompson, Bela Dona and Black Alley. Visit the Art Garden.


Feature Artist include:


Nabeeh Bial

Khaliq Crosby

Erik Holden

Ebony Kirby

Chris Pyrate

Emma Quander

Antwanyce Richardson

Luther Wright

Edmond Wilson

Darus Hill

Domonique Mobley

FILM Soul of the City Films



Soul of the City Films

Old Congress Heights School

3100 Martin Luther King Jr Ave, SE

Washington, DC 20032



View animation and short documentaries that celebrate the rich cultural and cinematography traditions of DC and express the deep emotion, mind, character, thoughts and feelings of Chocolate City artists. This venue showcases quality short film and animation content by and about people of African descent. It supports emerging artists to foster a wider range of images, stories and storytellers represented in the DC entertainment industry. Destination Congress Heights is committed to the belief that Black artists deserve the same opportunities as their mainstream counterparts, and its mission is to be recognized as a vital pipeline for Black talent in front of and behind the camera.


Feature Artist include:



Made In DMV